How to achieve sales success

RFS Marketing and Communications Ltd

  There is one simple answer: sales focus. Client 1: After reworking their business development approach, forging a new team, getting them hunting and farming they have gone from sales of zero to £450,000 won revenue, with a further £1 million in quotes being processed, all within 12 weeks. Client 2: Within a few days […]

Sales: a basic human endeavor

Rick Brim on sales - RFS Marketing and Communications Ltd

When it comes to sales, this isn’t said enough: selling is a basic human behaviour. There is so much nonsense talked about marketing and advertising, when all we do is come up creative ways to help you sell stuff. SMEs in particular are put off by the fluff and the hype – at RFS, we […]

This Telephone Won’t Dial Itself!

Telephone sales by RFS Marketing - "This phone won't dial itself!"

“Pick up the phone and start dialling.” We don’t necessarily advocate the entire Wolf of Wall Street approach to sales, but here at RFS we do insist on at least this: you must stop hiding behind emails and pick up the telephone to clients and prospects. For one client, within 2 days of doing this […]

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