What We Do

RFS Marketing is a marketing agency that specialises in finding creative ways to help you sell stuff. That can mean getting more people to know about your service, product or brand; it can mean making people feel confident that you are the best at what you do; or it can mean simply getting more customers to choose you.

Our services run deep and are backed by decades of experience. Think of it as a toolbox – we’ll help you select the right tools to achieve your goals.

Sales & marketing strategy and planning

Much less boring than it sounds. You know what you want to achieve: we’ll work with you and your team to devise the best way to get there. 

Lead & prospect generation

To get more customers you need to find people who are in the market for your product or service, and you need to know what’s important to them. We hunt down the opportunities that are of most value to your company now.

‘Thought leadership’ marketing

This is a fancy way of showing the world how you are a respected authority within your industry. The goal of thought leadership marketing is not to be too ‘salesy’, but to make people sit up and take notice of you as an expert.

Digital marketing

We can turbocharge your sales effort with creative targeted emails or social media placements. This helps generate awareness of you and your products as well as identifies hot leads straight away.

Blogs and social media management

Producing high quality content keeping your audience engaged is a challenge for all companies on social media. The better the content you produce, the more people will see your posts within their News Feeds, the less negative feedback you will receive and the cheaper your advertising. We know all the tricks and techniques to make it simple and effective.

Public Relations

It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, every organisation depends on its reputation for survival and success. Public Relations is looking after your reputation – the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you.


We are experts in building powerful campaign pitches to help you win business. We don’t use scripts; instead we have informed conversations with prospects because we have worked with you and are knowledgeable about your products and services.

Pitches, sales and presentation training

You’re not going to win any business unless you know how to secure the sale. We work with you on the crucial elements of the process of the sales negotiations so that you know how to convince and win. 

Tender and proposal writing

We provide bid management and bid writing services for start-ups, SMEs and large multi-national companies to win public and private sector contracts with our efficient, professional and quality services. 

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