How to achieve sales success

RFS Marketing and Communications Ltd


There is one simple answer: sales focus.

Client 1: After reworking their business development approach, forging a new team, getting them hunting and farming they have gone from sales of zero to £450,000 won revenue, with a further £1 million in quotes being processed, all within 12 weeks.

Client 2: Within a few days of targeting two new markets, we secured a meeting with one of the nation’s biggest retailers and two international media companies. These are gilt edged sales opportunities that they weren’t getting before.

One of these is an SME. This could be you. We helped them get their sales focus. You can do this to.

With both we went through a clear planning process:

  • Understand and research your customers – what are they looking for? What of their problems are you going to solve? How are you going to target your ideal customers for growing sales?
  • Understand and scrutinise your own service or product – is it what people are looking for? Is it the right price? Is it positioned correctly? What is your competitive advantage?
  • What does the competitive landscape look like? Jargon alert – we mean, who else is selling what you sell, how are they doing it and how can you show you are different?

It’s a three pronged approach that gets you sales, because you can show your customers (who you have specifically targeted and focused on) how you are different and why they should choose you.

We’re embarking on similar journeys with two other SMEs at the moment. We’ll share the outcomes as soon as we have them.

In the meantime you can check out the tools we use here and the sort of people we are helping with big sales growth here.


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