We Are Specialists in Digital Marketing for Restaurants

Our services run deep and are backed by years of experience. The services listed below are our most popular packages, put together because they are:

  • Proven to deliver more customers to your door
  • Combine different channels to get you the most benefit
  • Affordable and quick to deliver


If you want more than one package there are great discount deals available. Get in touch and we can arrange a FREE one hour consultation to discuss your needs.

One of our most popular products. Our giveaway package gets you a huge amount of attention from new potential customers using an attractive giveaway offer.

We then convert a significant amount of them into immediate paying customers using a clever Chatbot sequence – so they aren’t just there for the prize draw. PLUS we integrate their details with your email marketing system (or help you build a new one from scratch) so you term short term ‘likes’ into long term love for your brand.

From £500 per month. SPECIAL OFFER: Now 50% off just £250 per month INCLUDING AD SPEND!

Our quick-and-easy package which helps you get your customers talking to their friends and family about your restaurant.

Each ‘check-in’ post on Facebook gets shared to an average of 200 people, so we thought why not encourage customers to post one? Easy to set up and run, with printed promotional materials and training for your staff, we do all the heavy lifting while you get dozens of recommendations each month.

Special offer! Normally from £300 per month, now just £150 per month.

Birthdays are a great opportunity for restaurants to get group bookings.

We help you find potential customers who have a birthday coming up, reach them with a great offer to encourage a group booking, and convert them into paying customers.

We set it up using Facebook ads and a smart Chatbot sequence, and we keep the campaign running in the background for you with fresh content each month.



Just £300 per month including ad spend.

Social media is great for reaching your fans – but you are always beholden to the dreaded algorithms – or worse, getting your account suspended.

We always advocate encouraging your customers to join a VIP club for your restaurant. We’ll help you set up a great VIP programme that encourages people to join and builds an email marketing and messenger contacts database allowing you to reach them with great offers and new dishes directly.

Get 40-60% open rates on emails and 80-90% open rates on messenger and start turning ‘interest’ into bums on seats.

Starting at £150 per month

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