B2B sales planning – BBA Health Ltd

B2B sales planning for BBA Health Ltd

We are delighted to be driving B2B sales planning and business development for BBA Health Ltd based in Totnes, Devon.

BBA Health combine the use of cutting edge technology and strategic communications best practice to support innovations in healthcare communications for training, education and patient engagement. They work with healthcare partners to develop pioneering 360 degree immersive video.

How is 360 video being used in health and social care?

  • Virtual patient simulations for medical education and training
  • Immersive demonstrations of surgical procedures
  • 360 ‘explainer videos’ for patient education – showing what it is like to experience a medical procedure
  • To treat mental health problems, including anxiety, depression, phobias and PTSD
  • Charities looking to generate greater donations through captivating storytelling
  • For pain relief using VR as a proven patient distraction therapy

Services provided include business strategy, B2B sales planning, set up of a new CRM system, business development and sales, and marketing advice.

Now we’re in advanced talks with several healthcare providers in the UK and internationally:

  • To create a 360 content app
  • To provide an immersive patient journey video for a regional cancer centre
  • To record work in a resuscitation room for education and training playback
  • To record sensitive interviews in social work for review and training
  • To demonstrate to funding partners the reality of delivering front line health care in developing countries

We’ve also partnered with Samsung so we can not only provide content but also the hardware needed for some applications – it allows us to “lock” devices to single use – and update content over the web – in a secure encrypted format.

Visit their website for more information.

Contact us to find out how we can help drive B2B sales in your business.

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