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Facebook advertising - model wearing jewellery

Facebook advertising had been a challenge for Chambers & Beau for some time.

The small business has been designing and making personalised jewellery in Devon since 2008. They have a very strong presence on social media, especially Instagram.

But the inner workings of Facebook advertising were still eluding them. Facebook offers your small businesses more access to potential customers than any other social network in the world.

We helped Chambers & Beau with Facebook advertising and to overcome other e-commerce challenges.

“I had a great meeting with Richard from RFS marketing where he gave me a tutorial on the dreaded Facebook advertising in order for me to learn how to run and mange them myself for my small business.

“Thanks to his easy to understand information with no marketing jargon, I now have a much better understanding of how the adverts work and what they can achieve for my business.” Amy Elson, Proprietor, Chambers & Beau.

You can visit Chambers & Beau here.

Facebook Ads work both for companies selling to consumers (B2C) and companies selling to other businesses (B2B). We can show you dozens of success stories that show dramatic increases in marketing results after advertising on Facebook.

Go here to see the range of support we could offer your business.

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