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Social media marketing

Social media marketing is essential to any modern business.

Masters of Mayfair is a British sleep and luxury travel accessory brand with a passion for adventure and relaxation.

They don’t cut corners and truly understand the importance of fine artisanship, creating the most beautiful products using natural fabrics and ingredients.

We worked with them to enhance engagement with their brand via a social media marketing strategy on the platforms Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. We developed a strategy aimed at increasing the number of fans of the brand and ultimately drive sales.

The results within 3 months included:

  • Facebook organic page likes up 13%
  • Facebook organic reach up by 2,064%
  • Facebook organic engagements up by 1,309%
  • Visits to the online Shopify store via social media up 623%
  • Online sales up year-on-year by 36%

Please note all growth of social media accounts is organic, genuine growth. We will never pay for Facebook page likes or Instagram followers. Beware of agencies inflating their results with fake followers. The numbers may flatter but they will do nothing to drive genuine engagement in your brand.

We have a range of social media packages to suit all budgets, and are experienced in digital marketing for e-commerce. To find out more about how we can help your business grow, or to arrange a quote, click here.

You can find Masters of Mayfair’s range of luxury travel and sleep accessories here.