January 8, 2018

Marketing strategy baby steps

Baby steps in marketing strategy

Everybody has to learn to walk for the first time. And no one learns to walk without at least a little help. Once they’re on their feet, babies tend to use furniture or whatever is around them to ‘cruise’ around the room. It’s often the same with marketing strategy for a small business.

The majority of our clients start off their strategy journey with baby steps. You don’t want to commit large sums of cash (that you may not even have) or time (that you certainly won’t have!) to a process that is unfamiliar and doesn’t guarantee an increase in sales. Sound familiar?

Well it’s OK to regress to your baby steps!

Consider putting together a gradual plan that includes a pilot phase for your marketing idea. Perhaps set a timeline for delivery, and think about having a couple of ‘Plan B’ alternatives or options in case of problems. Above all, try something and see how it goes.

It’s also OK to fall on your bum once in a while!

The whole ‘learn to walk before you can run’ thing is a cliche. But in business, if you try to leap across multiple steps, you can land with a pretty hard bump. Take it slow and steady, little baby steps and hold on to the sofa, you will make good progress.

Time and again clients contact us almost apologetically, saying ‘All I need is a little help with Facebook advertising‘ or ‘Can we just do a half day workshop to start off with? I think the assumption is often that marketing can only be about the “big idea” and it has become part of our business culture – where we celebrate unicorns, and expect every entrepreneurs to be the next Twitter or Facebook.

Sadly, this obsession with quick growth and grandeur often can lead to inertia. It’s just too much to risk. And so we do nothing.

Yes, you can start small. Often, it helps you stay focused. Stand up, hold on and take those baby steps.

If you get stuck, the Marketing Strategy for Dummies guide is a great starter, you can find more here.

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