How to buy a Domain name

If you are starting a website to build an online presence you will likely want a domain name. You may be asking “How do I buy a domain name exactly?” don’t worry we will explain here.

What is a Domain name?

Every website on the internet has an IP address. An IP address is a set of numbers which directs users to your site.

The problem with IP addresses is that they are hard to remember which makes them hard to navigate through. That’s why we use domain names.

A structure called the Domain Name System (DNS) translates IP addresses into names that should be easier to remember. These are called domain names.

The websites domain name is the link people type to search for your website e.g.

When your domain name is searched into a browser the DNS translates it back to the IP address which locates the page and results appear.

How to get a domain name?

domain registrars sell domain names for a yearly price we recommend namecheap as it’s an affordable place to get your domain name. Domain names can price anywhere from £10 per year but can range all the way up to the tens of millions per year for the biggest brands.

How to choose a domain name

You should choose a domain name that is relatively easy to remember and a domain name that is brandable for your specific business.


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