Facebook Marketing Updates

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing has been given a fresh set of tools which could change the way you engage with customers.

Whether you are selling Business to Business or Business to Consumer, using Facebook for community engagement or market research, these new Facebook Marketing tools are set to provide a significant step change in the way we all use it.

It’s even more about video

Facebook Marketing vlogger
Video content remains a priority

It’s been a busy last six months for Facebook. The use of data mining already prompted significant amendments to their algorithm. It also changed the way we can target users when Facebook marketing, which we wrote about in this blog. And GDPR meant a raft of changes to the way data is stored and handled. Their latest news announcement here contains some dramatic new developments to watch out for as they come live to the UK in the coming months:

  • Making Live Video More Interactive: introducing polling and gamification to videos such as: polls, quiz questions, challenges, and more. These can all be used within an individual video or to create a standalone game show
  • Testing a New Video Template for Pages: templates for pages have been around for a while, designed to optimise your page to suit your needs (business, shopping, services etc). Now there will be a video template that creators and publishers can use on their existing or new Facebook Page. This template will put video and community front and centre on your page, with new settings to make video libraries easier to access by users. Great for vloggers and consultants
  • Rolling Out Top Fans: A system call Top Fans that highlights which of your fans are your most significant by displaying a badge next to their names. The idea is to help us identify and interact with loyal followers, (and to create a sense of kudos for them too I suppose). It was a big hit during trials – well worth looking out for when it comes to your shores.
  • Changes to the way you can monetise content: the introduction of selling ad placements and putting ad breaks within longer content and even direct charging for subscriptions or branded content (taking a chunk of the growing lucrative podcast market, there). They’ve been testing a way for fans to support creators they love by paying $4.99 USD per month for perks like exclusive content and a special badge highlighting their status as a supporter
  • Something called ‘Brand Collabs Manager’: a way to link up influencers with brands for collaborations. Similar to the range of platforms that do that for Instagram and YouTube, although it’s currently US only and pretty tightly sealed. You can express interest in being part of that and get on the waiting list here.

Other updates include bringing more videos to Facebook Watch: (their streaming TV show platform which isn’t out yet in the UK), and a new Creator App for Android (after introducing the Facebook for Creators site and Facebook Creator app for iOS).

Get on board or lose fans

Our take on this is simple. Video content takes a priority in terms of content being served to fans. Facebook has made significant investment to get more video made, shared and engaged with. This is a clear signal that your Facebook marketing will need video more than ever.

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