Does Shopify Have Weaknesses?

Shopify Weakness'

Shopify has become a major force in the e-commerce platform industry by offering companies entering the online market a smooth and straightforward experience. But the question still stands, does Shopify have weaknesses? We’ll examine a few of Shopify’s flaws in this blog, highlighting several areas that users might find difficult and ultimately conclude as to […]

How Do I Attract Buyers On Shopify?

Attract buyers on Shopify - a shopper using their laptop and mobile phone

How to Attract Buyers on Shopify: Strategies for Success Since its launch in 2006, Shopify has grown to become a powerhouse platform for entrepreneurs to turn their e-commerce ambitions into reality (yes you read that right – Shopify is 17 years old!). However, simply setting up an online store on Shopify isn’t enough to ensure […]

Podcast for business: is it worthwhile?

Is it worth doing a podcast for your business? These days it’s easy to come across a podcast for business. And your business needs a podcast. Here’s why. There is no doubt that video is the way forward when it comes to marketing your business. In fact, articles about video being the future are pretty […]

Facebook Marketing Updates

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing has been given a fresh set of tools which could change the way you engage with customers. Whether you are selling Business to Business or Business to Consumer, using Facebook for community engagement or market research, these new Facebook Marketing tools are set to provide a significant step change in the way we […]

Paying attention to SEO

Why you need to pay attention to SEO The number one reason clients come to us at RFS Marketing is because they are struggling to find and keep customers. Regularly it comes top of the list of challenges reported by SMEs (small-medium enterprises) and start-ups. SEO (search engine optimisation) may just feel like another jargony marketing […]

The Dreaded Facebook Algorithm


If I had a penny for every time I was asked a question or read a concerned post about the new Facebook algorithm and how it affects business pages, I’d have… well, nearly 50p. So many myths and overreactions abound. Everything from ‘you can only do paid advertising now’ to ‘I’m leaving Facebook’ to this […]

How to achieve sales success

RFS Marketing and Communications Ltd

  There is one simple answer: sales focus. Client 1: After reworking their business development approach, forging a new team, getting them hunting and farming they have gone from sales of zero to £450,000 won revenue, with a further £1 million in quotes being processed, all within 12 weeks. Client 2: Within a few days […]

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